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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering professionals do exist, but they are rare.

The serious bettor that undertakes college or NFL football wagering has very little time for glitz, neon, sparkle and glamour because he is too busy preparing to attack the football wagering lines. Let’s take a look at the football wagering professional.

Football wagering oddsmakers are professionals whose very jobs depend on setting good lines that are not soft. The only chance that a gambler has to be like these professional players is to be as professional as they are. This requires the willingness to work, to study, to research, to keep journals, and to really handicap the football wagering lines each week. If you really want to make money, or even a living, at football wagering then you need to prepare yourself mentally for the fact that you will have to work at least six if not seven days per week studying articles and stories, statistical data and matchups, technical trends, injuries, and college and NFL football wagering line moves. This is the life of a successful football wagering gambler. If you want to be one this is the price that you are going to have to pay. Nobody wins for free against the football wagering oddsmakers. You have to put in the time required with your college and NFL football wagering.

It is tough to win consistently against the football wagering line. The vast majority of football wagering gamblers will not win over the long term. They will struggle week in and week out. They thought it was easy or that they could take short cuts or go with the popular plays in college and NFL football wagering. Only gamblers that pay the price and work on their football handicapping will develop reliable picks against the football wagering odds and have a shot at making money.

Winning in football wagering is more difficult than winning in basketball betting or in other sports because the games are fewer and the information is easier to find. Anytime the oddsmakers and the public know everything about a game it will be difficult to make money at it. If you want to be a football wagering pro then you really will need to do the work.

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