The Buffalo Bills are for sale and price exceeds $1.1 billion!

July 24, 2014 NFL Football

As the 2014 NFL season approaches, it has been announced that the Buffalo Bill are expecting to sell that franchise for over $1.1 billion dollars according to a report.

The value of professional sports franchises went through the roof recently with the controversial situation with the Los Angeles Clippers and prospects are exciting as the proposed sale of the Clippers is at $2 billion dollars, but yet to be finalized.   Then with the death of Ralph Wilson, owners of the Bill that franchise are now on the market.

Our sources which include some league information told us that the Bills present ownership expect the sale of the Bill team to pass $1.1 billion, and that seems to be a incredible price since the Forbes magazine recently valued the Buffalo Bills franchise at some $870 million dollars.  Those groups interested in ownership of the Bills can anticipate paying at least 20% more than the value of the team according to the experts.

Even with the Buffalo Bills being one of the less attractive NFL franchises which could be paired with one of the ugliest Sports Illustrated models for swimsuits, there still are many interested bidders for the Bills team franchise.

The latest party to indicate and interest, and a media headliner when it comes to potential buyers/owners is Bon Jovi.  He has previously worked with pro football teams, so he’s not a newbie to the field and has endorsements from one or more NFL owner.  Meanwhile, the famous real estate baron Donald Trump continues to show interest in the franchise.  Most importantly to the present owners is that both Trump and Bon Jovi have given their promises to keep the franchise in Buffalo, New York.

The present market indicates there is no shortage of potential and qualified buyer candidates who are hungry and anxious to get a NFL franchise with the finances of the leagues booming and the labor and broadcast rights secure for the remainder of this decade.  One sport announcer stated, that for every name mentioned as a potential buyer, there are several more seriously considering the franchise of the Buffalo Bills. 

Other interested parties are former QB and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is connected with a group to buy franchise, however his present battle with Cancer may be a top priority.  Also, former owner of the Buffalo Sabres, B.Thomas Golisano is a candidate as well. Then there is the present owner of the Sabres, Terry Pegula and the Rogers communication group whom have also indicated an interest in the Bills franchise. 

With the NFL teams making money, and profits hitting an unprecedented rate nowadays, makes this invest more than just an expensive hobby, but a smart investment.

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