Televised NFL Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines don’t get any bigger or any better than those that are on television.

If you talk to any sportsbook manager they will tell you that when it comes to football odds, TV games are pounded by the public. There is a huge difference in volume on televised NFL betting lines and many times it is these games that determine how well a sportsbook will do for the week.

NFL betting lines at online sportsbooks is definitely influenced by which games are on TV. You will see a great increase in action on the early Saturday morning college football ESPN games, the ABC midday games, and the late ESPN game. You will also see a little big more action on the Fox Sports Net late game since it is usually the last main TV game of the day.

NFL betting lines on Sunday are also affected by the television factor. Although every game is technically on TV, it is the National games that get the bulk of the action in NFL betting lines. For example, you will usually get two National games early and one game late. You then have the evening game in NFL betting lines. The two National early games such as Baltimore at Indianapolis and Dallas at Washington will far outdraw the other games even if one of the other games might be a better matchup in NFL betting lines. Usually the United States will get regional coverage but that means that 70% or so of the country will have one game. It is that one game that gets heavily bet in football odds. This factor goes up exponentially for the evening game in football odds which is on NBC.

Monday night NFL betting lines are the most important game of the week for many gamblers that look at NFL betting lines. Without TV this game wouldn’t have nearly the meaning it has now in football odds. The same holds true for all of the other games during the week. Do you really think anyone would be betting Miami of Ohio vs. Toledo if it wasn’t on ESPN 2 in the middle of the week? Why is it that ESPN and ESPN 2 get so involved with mid-week games? They know that people will watch and that people will bet. No one wants to admit it, but television has a huge influence on NFL betting lines and vice versa. The television factor is one that truly dominates NFL betting lines and that will continue as long as there are people watching TV.

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