Taking the Jets in 2010 Super Bowl Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2010 Super Bowl betting has the New York Jets as the longest shot on the board but head coach Rex Ryan believes his team should be favored.

The Jets open up the playoffs as underdogs at Cincinnati and they have the longest Super Bowl odds at 40-1.

2010 Super Bowl betting may have the Jets as big underdogs but according to Ryan, the Jets have the best chance to win.  And he believes they should not only win this week against the Bengals, but the Super Bowl. "I mean in the whole tournament," Ryan said, "You know the way I feel. I think we have the best defense. I know we do. I know we have the best rushing attack. Those are two huge factors in our favor."

New York was 9-7 this season and just barely got into the 2010 Super Bowl betting picture but Ryan still believes his team should win.  His belief is shared by his players. "We think we can run the table, no question," said safety Kerry Rhodes.

New York does have some things going for them in 2010 Super Bowl betting.  The Jets have the top ranked defense in the NFL for 2010 Super Bowl betting and that includes the top rushing defense. They are the first team in Super Bowl odds to have the #1 defense overall and the #1 rushing defense since the 2001 Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game that season.  The Jets also run the ball very well and that is another reason they have a chance in 2010 Super Bowl betting.  In fact, they run 59% of the time and that is more than any other team in 2010 Super Bowl betting. "I think we have a real good shot," wide receiver Braylon Edwards said, "What makes it more special is that I think we have a good team that could possibly go the distance."

The Jets have some positive stats that give them a chance in 2010 Super Bowl betting and they do have some other things going for them in 2010 Super Bowl betting. Wild Card teams have more than held their own in Super Bowl odds in recent seasons so Wild Card teams have a chance in 2010 Super Bowl betting.  It used to be that Wild Card teams didn’t have a shot but in the last decade there have been quite a few winners in Super Bowl odds that came via the Wild Card and there could be another one in 2010 Super Bowl betting.

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