Sweet Revenge is Favre’s NFL Betting Lines

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines handicappers often try and gauge the “intangible” element when evaluating games and football odds, and on Monday Night the intangible was revenge.

NFL betting lines and the Green Bay Packers were beaten by Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings as they scored a 30-23 win as 4.5-point football odds favorites.

Favre can deny it all he wants, (which he does), but this Monday Night NFL betting lines showdown was all about Number Four sticking it to his old team. Favre had his best game of the season against the football odds as he was 24-32 for 271 yards with 3 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions. Favre had a far better night than his former NFL betting lines understudy at Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers, who was 26-37 for 384 yards with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. While Rodgers had a lot of yardage against the NFL betting lines, much of it was when the Pack was playing catch-up in the 4th quarter, as they trailed 30-14 with 7:21 to go. Rodgers suffered a brutal night trying to beat the NFL betting lines as he was harassed all night by the aggressive Viking defense and sacked 8 times.

“You guys are going to print what you want,” Favre said after winning in the NFL betting lines. “I just did what I was expected to do today. You make that decision.”

Favre added yet another football odds feather in his cap as the Green Bay Packers were the one team he had never beaten in his NFL betting lines career-UNTIL LAST NIGHT! Favre has now beaten each and every team, an NFL betting lines feat which no one else has ever accomplished.

Favre certainly showed Packer brass that he can still play and that it may have been a mistake to let him go from the NFL betting lines in 2008. Favre has played far more disciplined with Minnesota and has toned down his gun slinging style that was a trademark with his days in Green Bay. He now has a quarterback rating in the NFL betting lines of 104.7 and has thrown just 1 interception along with 8 touchdown passes.

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