Superbowl XLIII Odds: AFC East is a Quagmire at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl XLIII odds fans can point to one single defining moment and hang the blame for the quagmire that is the AFC East race for the Super Bowl odds.

The moment that QB Tom Brady went down with a massive knee injury in the first game of the season all bets were off and the AFC East playoff bid to compete for the Superbowl XLIII odds was up in the air from that moment on. With two games left in the season three teams are tied for the division and the race for the chance to compete in the Superbowl XLIII odds will not be decided until the final day of the season and there are no clear favorites.

Superbowl XLIII odds are still within reach for three teams still in contention for the playoffs: the Patriots, the Jets and the Dolphins. To be sure, at this point in time, neither is a legitimate Super Bowl odds favorite. The AFC East is by most measures a sub-par division, competition wise, but that’s not to say that one of these teams can’t make a run at the Superbowl XLIII odds. And each of these teams has a very improbable story with most pundits counting these teams out of the Super Bowl odds from day one.

In fact, most Superbowl XLIII odds makers believed the Bills would run away with the division with Brady out of commission. The Bills, as it turns out are the only team in the division with a losing record and no shot whatsoever at the Superbowl XLIII odds. In contrast the Pats, Jets, and Dolphins are all knotted up at 9-5 with their Superbowl XLIII odds still alive for the moment.

Without Brady, the pundits said the Pats had no shot. And after the Jets 4-12 season a year ago and the Dolphins laughable 1-15 run last year no one took either team’s Superbowl XLIII odds hopes seriously. Yet here we are the end of December and all these teams could still qualify for the Superbowl XLIII odds.

The Dolphins and Jets are in the driver’s seat, meaning that if they win out they win the division and have a postseason shot at the Superbowl XLIII odds. But the Dolphins have to play the Jets on the road to end the season and the advantage seems to go to the Jets. But all three teams are still alive for a wild card spot as well, and the improbable idea of two AFC East teams earning postseason shots at the Superbowl XLIII odds it’s not entirely impossible.

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