Superbowl Odds: Wager on the Odds that You Prefer at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Superbowl odds are given more attention than any other betting odds during the NFL season.

However, just like during regular season games, Superbowl betting enthusiasts must choose between the different odds that are offered and wager on the Superbowl odds providing the most value. The first Superbowl odds that bettors will consider are usually the sides, but many Superbowl betting enthusiasts will also consider the money line, the total, and even the prop lines.

The Superbowl odds for the sides will attract the greatest amount of betting attention. This trend is consistent with general NFL betting so it should come as no surprise. However, when analyzing these Superbowl odds, bettors must remember that the Superbowl attracts huge amounts of public action that can inflate the Superbowl odds. Because of this effect on the Superbowl odds, the underdog team can sometimes offer especially good Superbowl betting value. This will not be the case every year, but bettors should not be reluctant to back the underdog in the biggest game of the year.

Some Superbowl betting enthusiasts actually prefer wagering on the money line in the Superbowl, even if they generally wager on sides. Such is the case because, unlike in most regular season games, many Superbowl betting enthusiasts have a strong preference regarding the winner of the game. By wagering on the Superbowl odds for the money line, instead of the Superbowl odds with the spread, bettors can prevent their preferred team from winning outright while failing to cover, or covering while failing to win. Moreover, in the Superbowl it can simply sometimes be more exciting to wager on a team to win instead of merely covering the spread established in the Superbowl odds.

Many Superbowl betting enthusiasts overlook the game’s total line, but this line can sometimes offer quite good value. Any bettors worried about how their Superbowl betting may be unintentionally biased by attitudes regarding the competing teams can wager more objectively on the Superbowl odds for the total. When wagering on these Superbowl odds many bettors tend to favor the over in the hopes that the game will be high-scoring, but gamblers should remember that the Superbowl odds often feature teams boasting exceptionally strong defenses.

Unlike most games, the Superbowl odds also generally include a huge number of prop lines. Because Superbowl betting is so popular, sportsbooks offer an array of props that provide extra entertainment and excitement to the matchup. Some bettors even wager exclusively on prop lines in the Superbowl odds, but most bettors choose a handful of props to wager on in addition to one or two other wagers on the side, money line, or total.

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