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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Superbowl odds for the second half of the game offer Superbowl betting enthusiasts an interesting Superbowl betting opportunity.

By wagering on the second half Superbowl odds bettors can benefit from having watched the two teams compete in the first half. Nevertheless, Super bowl betting should understand that the two halves of a football game are rarely identical, so the second half Superbowl odds should not be handicapped as if no changes will occur between the two halves.

The Superbowl  odds for the second half are generally a function of the initial Superbowl odds that were offered for the whole game, although each team’s performance in the first half also will impact how the second half Superbowl odds are set. Handicapping the Superbowl odds can be challenging because the game involves one AFC team and one NFC team, so the squads typically have not played one another during the regular season and often have not even faced many of the same opponents. As a result, some Superbowl betting fans feel more confident handicapping the Superbowl odds for the second half than the Superbowl odds for the whole game. Naturally, after having watched two teams compete against one another in the first half one may be better equipped to predict how the second half will play out.

Nevertheless, there can be large differences between the first and second halves in the Superbowl, meaning the second half Superbowl odds should not be handicapped under the assumption that the second half will be played as a virtual replay of the first. For example, in the 2008 Superbowl, in which the Superbowl odds reflected the Patriots as huge favorites over the Giants, the Patriots entered halftime with a 7-3 lead but ended up losing the game 14-17. Teams often regroup during halftime so teams that may have struggled in the first half will sometimes perform much better during the second.

Furthermore, the halftime break gives coaches a chance to alter their strategies in response to their opponent’s performance, so a team with a highly skilled coaching staff can sometimes provide excellent value in the second half Superbowl odds even if the team played poorly in the first half. Also, Superbowl betting enthusiasts should remember that teams play the Superbowl to win, not to cover the Superbowl odds, and this reality may impact a team’s ability to cover the second half Superbowl odds. For example, if a team finishes winning the first half by seventeen points, then Superbowl betting fans may assume the team will dominate again in the second half.

However, the losing team may actually offer better value in the second half Superbowl odds because that team will play more aggressively while the winning team will likely embrace a more defensive strategy.  

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