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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds for Super Bowl XLII have the New England Patriots as a prohibitive favorite against the New York Giants.

The majority of money so far has been on the Giants which has caused the Superbowl odds to drift down.  Let’s consider a realistic Superbowl betting prediction.

Superbowl odds have enticed the public to bet on the New York Giants but is that what you should do in Superbowl betting?  Superbowl odds show that the Giants were 13-6 against the spread while New England was 10-8.  The two teams met once during the regular season as the Patriots won 38-35 in late December.  The Patriots were a 13 point favorite in that game that was played in New York.  Superbowl odds on a neutral field now have the Patriots laying only 12 points. The Patriots are only 2-8 ATS in their last 10 games. The Giants have covered five straight, and are 7-2 ATS as an underdog this season.

Looking at making a Superbowl betting prediction we look at the last game and see that both teams led by double-digits. Usually people only remember that the Giants led by 12 points and forget that New England led by 10 points late in the game.  Superbowl odds show that the Patriots have now seen what the Giants will try to do offensively and can counteract those things.  No one has been able to stop the Patriots all season and that won’t change in the Super Bowl.  Superbowl odds on New England are actually low. If you take the 13 points when they were a road favorite and add at least 3 for a neutral field then New England should be a 16 point favorite in Superbowl odds.  The Giants are the media darling and the public has jumped on board taking Superbowl odds down.  This Superbowl betting prediction though is not in agreement.

Every time the Giants had the ball inside the New England 20, they scored a touchdown in the first meeting and that won’t happen in the Super Bowl.  If the Giants are to keep the game close in Superbowl odds they will need to play a perfect game and that is unlikely.  Also remember that they got a kick return for a touchdown in that game and scored a late TD.  Without those two things occurring they lose by 17 points which is exactly where the Superbowl odds should be.

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