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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds are made by an oddsmaking firm and by sportsbooks around the world.

The Superbowl odds for Super Bowl XLIII show the Pittsburgh Steelers at -7 with a total of 46.5.

Superbowl odds are a science all unto themselves. The Superbowl odds maker comes up with his number for the game just after the AFC and NFC Championship games are over. To beat the Superbowl odds you need to understand how they are set and why they are set a certain way.

Looking at Superbowl odds the goal is obviously to win money but how do you do that? You want to have your money on the better team whenever you can but you don’t want to be laying too many points in Superbowl betting. What to do? Part of developing the outlook of the Superbowl odds maker is to learn what the public is likely to do. By stepping against the grain and going against the flow you will separate yourself from the majority. That doesn’t mean you will always win in Superbowl betting though. Sometimes the public figures it out and is right. Just last year the public went with the underdog New York Giants in Superbowl odds and handed the sportsbooks a rare loss in Superbowl betting.

Superbowl odds will almost always give the favorite too much credit. The public likes to bet the better team and they don’t care about laying points in Superbowl odds. Keep in mind though that after last year when the public took the Giants that even that could be changing a little bit. This year the public remembers what happened with the Giants upset and they are leaning to the underdog Cardinals in Superbowl odds. What does that tell you in Superbowl odds? It tells you that the public could be overvaluing Arizona plus the points. Can the public win back-to-back Super Bowls? The answer is obviously yes, but do you want to be putting your hard earned money betting with them again?

Take a look at Superbowl odds and consider public opinion as you make your choices for Super Bowl XLIII.

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