Superbowl Contest Winners at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Congratulations to the Superbowl 2007 Contest Winners

They make good decisions and good wagers that enable them to win money.  Let’s see what goes into making a Superbowl contest winner.

Superbowl contest winners do things differently. Losing players have no set methodology for their Superbowl contest selections and they just bet whatever “feels” right. Usually this “feeling” has been fed by the media and by the “word on the street” and has very little basis in overall value against the Super Bowl odds. Players that play the feel ones that are easily manipulated. A winner, by contrast, is like a machine. He has no feelings. Instead of feelings, the winner has a set methodology in which he is able to find a better deal for himself than what is warranted in the Superbowl contest.  A winner has a keen instinct for picking Superbowl contest winners.

In addition to playing the feel, most players looking at a Superbowl contest have no clue what they are doing.  They have no real reason or purpose with their Superbowl contest picks other than pure chance. Winners, on the other hand, are highly selective and choosy and will do a little research on the Super Bowl odds.  There are many good sources on the Internet where you can get information on the Super Bowl.  From scores, statistics and line information to player data, there is a ton of great information available for the Super Bowl.  Oftentimes the information available is too much, but it is better to have multiple sources for Super Bowl information than none at all.

That is oftentimes what separates winners from losers in a Superbowl contest.  The winners look at the Super Bowl odds and do the work while the losers do not.  There are so many things to consider before the Super Bowl and so many different sites that have helpful information.  There is no reason not to do the work and look at Super Bowl info. There is no doubt that luck is also involved in a Super Bowl contest but luck is often bred by doing the work.  That is what winners oftentimes do in a Super Bowl contest and why they have more success in terms of Super Bowl odds.

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