Superbowl Betting: Which Team Can Handle the Pressure at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl betting involves the biggest sporting event of the year, as countless people from around the world watch the game each season.

This increased attention makes the game especially exciting, yet it is also a factor that Superbowl betting enthusiasts must consider as they handicap the Superbowl odds. Certain teams will be more adept than others at handling the pressure of being featured in the Superbowl betting lines, and this ability will likely influence each team’s ability to cover the Superbowl odds.

Superbowl betting is a given for the vast majority of NFL bettors who would never dream of missing the opportunity to place a wager on the biggest event of the season. The game is an annual historic event that will be remembered for years to come. However, the same excitement that attracts unparalleled Superbowl betting action also actually influences the Superbowl betting lines. There is no question that the players participating in the Superbowl, just like the Superbowl betting enthusiasts wagering on it, realize that the event is extremely important. Consequently, players must face increased pressure in the Superbowl, and this pressure will affect players and teams differently. While some players thrive under the type of pressure that the Superbowl involves, other players struggle to perform well on the biggest stage in sports. Naturally, determining which teams will perform best under the bright lights of the Superbowl will help gamblers successfully analyze the Superbowl betting lines.

Fortunately, there are several strategies that Superbowl betting enthusiasts can use to predict how well each team will handle the pressure of playing in the Superbowl. For example, teams that have been featured in the Superbowl odds in recent years will obviously benefit from their past experiences and will not be wrapped up in the commotion of the Superbowl as much as other teams. Furthermore, teams with highly respected veterans and coaches who maintain locker room discipline will also tend to manage well in the Superbowl. Additionally, when handicapping the Superbowl odds, Superbowl betting enthusiasts can look back to see how teams have performed in recent games that involved relatively high amounts of pressure. For example, a team’s performances in Monday Night Football matchups, Conference Championship games, or any must-win games throughout the season may indicate how well a team will respond to the pressure of the Superbowl. It is true that Monday Night Football, for example, cannot compare to the Superbowl in many ways, but it can at least offer basic indications regarding a team’s ability to handle pressure. Many Superbowl betting enthusiasts overlook these issues, but they will undoubtedly assist you when looking for value in the Superbowl betting lines.

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