Super Bowl XLIV Could be Most Popular Ever NFL Betting Lines

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines on Super Bowl XLIV could be the most popular ever and TV ratings could follow.

With the two top teams in the NFL meeting in the Super Bowl, the action on NFL odds is expected to be off the charts and television ratings may break all-time records.

NFL betting lines have the Colts as a 5-point favorite against the Saints in the Super Bowl and since the NFL odds are low, a competitive game is expected.  Ratings on this NFL betting lines game should be huge. The AFC and NFC Championship game ratings were great and that followed the most popular regular season since 1989-90.  The AFC title game drew a 26.3 rating and 46.9 million viewers. It was the highest rated AFC Championship game in 24 years. The NFC title game had a 30.6 rating and 57.9 million viewers. That was second all-time to only the Cowboys and 49ers in 1982. The NFC title game had the most viewers of any TV program, period since 1998.  The Saints won that game against the Vikings although they did not cover the NFL betting lines.

NFL betting lines stats had this as a great season for all the networks. ESPN’s ratings were up over 20 percent this season. NBC’s ratings went up 16.7 percent.   NFL betting lines stats indicated that Fox games were up 12.4 percent while CBS was up 6.1 percent. The NFL Network was available in more homes and their ratings were up a whopping 48.4 percent. "In terms of why the ratings have been so good this year, for many years the NFL had gone through the trend of declining ratings that you see across a lot of other network sports and network day parts," CBS Sports and News president Sean McManus said.

CBS has the Super Bowl this year and they are going to get monster ratings. It is not a question of high TV ratings and popular NFL odds, but how popular and how high.  They could match the ratings for Super Bowl XXX when the Cowboys and Steelers had a 46 rating.

NFL betting lines are also going to be extremely popular. The matchup in NFL odds between the Colts and Saints has two of the best quarterbacks in the game in Peyton Manning and Drew Brees and a number of other stars.

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