Super Bowl XLIII Odds Will Be Tight at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII odds will be unique in many ways, but for Super Bowl odds bettors they will be especially interesting.

In recent years we’ve seen the Super Bowl odds spread range from just a few points to almost double digits, but when the odds are finally set you can be sure that this will be a very tight betting line. With the parity between the AFC and the NFC as close as its been since the implementation of free agency in the early 1990s, the Super Bowl XLIII odds are likely going to be a bit tricky to navigate.

Super Bowl XLIII odds fans can surely still remember back to the days of the pre-free agency dynasties when betting on Super Bowl odds was simply betting on the over/under or trying to cover the spread. That won’t be the case with the Super Bowl XLIII odds. During those dynasty days the Super Bowl was routinely predictable, and people that predicted a blow-out in those games were generally correct as that’s exactly what the Super bowl represented in those days. Domination by the NFC for several years followed domination by the AFC for several years was the way the game was played, but that’s been steadily changing and this shift will be evident when the Super Bowl XLIII odds roll off the line.

The Super Bowl XLIII odds makers will have a tough match up to handicap regardless of which teams finally qualify for the Super Bowl odds. With just two games left in the regular season it’s still all but impossible to know which the best teams in each conference are, but judging by the teams with the best records the only thing that can be said with certainty is that the Super Bowl XLIII odds match up should be very close indeed.

For sports fans a tight game in the Super Bowl XLIII odds is all you can hope for. From a bettor’s perspective, it’s a close game in the Super Bowl XLIII odds; a bit trickier, but it still presents fans with plenty of opportunity. While working the different angles like the spread might not prove too profitable, other bets like the over/under or the outright win become the better plays if the Super Bowl XLIII odds are tight.

So it just might be that fans and bettors will have the best of both worlds when the Super Bowl XLIII odds showdown gets underway: an entertaining game, and very playable Super Bowl XLIII odds.

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