Super Bowl XLIII Odds Makers Take a Look at NFC North at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII odds conversations don’t seem to focus much on the NFC North.

But with several teams that could make the Super Bowl odd interesting for opponents, perhaps the Super Bowl XLIII odds makers should be paying more attention to this sleeper division. With the Vikings and Bears clawing each others eyes out for the division title, whichever team makes it to the playoffs will not be a pushover for any NFC Super Bowl XLIII odds contender.

The Super Bowl XLIII odds seem to be somewhat in reach for the division favorites, the Green Bay Packers, who have struggled mightily in the post Brett Favre-era. And for anyone who’s been living in a cave or under a rock and hasn’t seen the headlines, the Detroit Lions are working a perfect season, and not the kind that gets you into the Super Bowl XLIII odds. With two more losses the Lions would become the first team to go 0-16 and certainly not even remotely competing for a Super Bowl odds spot.

And so the division race is a two-horse battle with the Bears looking as though they might now have the Super Bowl XLIII odds inside track. Because of the mediocre records of this division only the winner of the NFC North will be invited to the post season Super Bowl odds competition. The Vikes enjoy a one game lead at the moment but have two very tough games to end the season against the Falcons, and the defending Super Bowl odds champs, the NY Giants.

The Bears, on the other hand, have a much easier route to the post season and possibly the Super Bowl XLIII odds, facing the Packers and the Texans, two games the team should win. And in doing so they would likely solidify their division title and be one step closer to the Super Bowl XLIII odds. That’s impressive for a team that has barely been above .500 all year, but it hardly makes it a Super Bowl XLIII odds contender.

Truth be told, no team from this division is a legitimate Super Bowl XLIII odds contender, but the Vikings are the better team, no matter who wins the division crown. The Vikings have the game’s best running back and one of the few individuals that could take over a game down the Super Bowl XLIII odds stretch: Adrian Peterson. The team’s also got a very stingy defense that could pose a lot of problems for teams in the hunt for the Super Bowl XLIII odds, should it make the playoffs.

But don’t expect to see the Vikings or the Bears in the Super Bowl XLIII odds. Open a New Account and bet on the Super Bowl at SBG Global!

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