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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII odds makers have a tough assignment on their hands in trying to decipher which team in the AFC is headed for the Super Bowl odds.

This year the AFC has been relatively wide open after early Super Bowl XLIII odds contenders like the Patriots and the Chargers dropped off the face of the earth. Instead, a group of improbable but talented teams like the Titans and Ravens, among others, have become the likely Super Bowl XLIII odds candidates.

Super Bowl XLIII odds fans know picking the best of the best is no easy chore and Super Bowl odds makers only have a few weeks before they’ll be setting the lines. On paper the Tennessee Titans have, and have had the best record in the AFC and NFL for the entire season. This team is very tough, plays stingy D and is built for cold weather football down the Super Bowl odds late season stretch. But two key losses on defense have put the team’s Super Bowl XLIII odds in doubt. Things seem to be going downhill in a hurry as the team’s once insurmountable lead in the standings could be gone by next week and with it its Super Bowl XLIII odds hopes.

If the Pittsburgh Steelers come to town and win in the Titans backyard, the Steelers would have the inside track to the Super Bowl XLIII odds. They would lock up home field advantage in the AFC and have their sights set on the Super Bowl odds. And this could very well happen considering that the Steelers have beaten some of the best teams in the league, and are, in the minds of many Super Bowl XLIII odds handicappers, the best team in the AFC.

But they’re hardly the only AFC team with a shot at the Super Bowl XLIII odds. Pittsburgh’s only division rival, the Baltimore Ravens, have an incredible defense and arguably it’s best offense ever. But rookie QB Joe Flacco could prove a liability against a big time Super Bowl XLIII odds contender in the playoffs.

The team to watch according to many Super Bowl XLIII odds makers is Indy. This is a very good team that has run off seven straight wins, is flying under the Super Bowl odds radar, and has beaten the Super Bowl XLIII odds favorite, Pittsburgh, in its own backyard earlier in the season. Peyton Manning has been having an off year stats-wise but he’s found a way to win week in and week out and that’s made the Colts a very legit Super Bowl XLIII odds contender.

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