Super Bowl XLIII Betting Surprise Pick at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII betting fans, in most years would not be surprised to see the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl betting.

After all, the team has a potent offense, a serviceable defense and one of the best QB’s in Super Bowl betting history. But after an epidemic of injuries and an awful 3-4 start the team’s Super Bowl XLIII betting hopes seemed all but ruined at the mid way point of the NFL season.

A Super Bowl betting triumph, however, now seems within the Colts’ reach, and they could make another run and lock up a place in the Super Bowl XLIII betting lines. Just a month ago, most football fans would have thought the idea crazy. After all, Peyton Manning is having one of the worst statistical seasons of his career, the running game seemed to be sputtering and the defense was about as soft as a wet newspaper. But after rattling off seven straight wins, this team is making a serious push for the post season and the Super Bowl XLIII betting odds.

This team dug itself an enormous hole at the beginning of the season and it seemed unlikely it would dig itself out, but so far, that’s exactly what it’s done. With Manning playing like his normal indefatigable self, thee Colts clearly have their sights set on the Super Bowl XLIII betting competition. The turning point for this team came with a monster win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 10, in Pittsburgh. That win was the second game of what has become a seven-game winning streak and the inside track to perhaps a Super Bowl XLIII betting bid.

In fact, the Colts could even enter the playoffs as division champs, making their road to the Super Bowl XLIII betting even easier. This was an impossible thought several weeks ago with the Titans comfortably ahead in the standings, but with the Titans dropping two of their last three games and the hardest stretch of their schedule coming up, the Colts could easily make up the ground. On top of that, the two teams play in week 18 in a match up that will be critical to the AFC battle for a Super Bowl XLIII betting spot. If the Colts win, they’ll have home field advantage for at least one game and put themselves in a very good position to become the AFC rep in the Super Bowl XLIII betting.

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