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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII betting conversations about possible NFC representatives were one note tunes for much of this regular season.

The Super Bowl XLIII betting talk in the NFC began and ended with the NFC East. As it’s been the past few seasons the NFC East has been the premium division in not only the NFC, but the entire NFL. However, the division no longer has a lock on the NFC’s Super Bowl XLIII betting bid as several other teams have emerged as very potent contenders as well.

The New York Giants looked to have a lock on the NFC’s Super Bowl XLIII betting for the entire first half of the football season. The team was a well oiled machine with one of the best running attacks in the modern era and had no weaknesses. But ever since Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg this team has failed to win a game and has cast doubts on its Super Bowl XLIII betting hopes. The Giants will still very likely win the division and no doubt will be in the playoffs.

But the Giants lapse has opened up the Super Bowl betting race not only to other NFC East teams but also to the rest of the NFC. Within the NFC East the Cowboys are ever dangerous as they proved with a win over the Giants, a victory that breathed life into their Super Bowl XLIII betting ambitions. The Boys will likely get an invite to the playoffs as well and could make some serious headway in the NFC battle for a spot in the Super Bowl betting. In the NFC East, the Eagles have been almost schizophrenic in their performance this season, but if Brian Westbrook can remain healthy, the Eagles still have a small chance of making a Super Bowl XLIII betting odds run.

More likely is the event that Carolina Panthers make a dash to the Super Bowl XLIII betting. This team has come from out of nowhere to post one of the best records in the NFL and ignite Super Bowl XLIII betting talk around the league. At 11-3 this team shares the best record in the conference and has been hitting on all cylinders with a very dangerous running attack and clock control offense. If there is any team outside of the NFC East that could qualify for the Super Bowl XLIII betting it’s this team. The Bucs, also from the NFC South should not be counted out either, but after losing head to head the Panthers clearly have a much better shot at the Super Bowl XLIII betting odds.

In the NFC North, someone will have to win this division, if only by default, but to be sure, there is no chance that this division winner will be anywhere in the Super Bowl XLIII betting odds.

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