Super Bowl XLII Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLII betting at SBG Global Sportsbook. Superbowl 42, with all of the 2008 super bowl futures lines, odds, and news.

If you want to bet Super Bowl games there are many Super Bowl XLII betting choices for you to consider. You can make a side or total wager or you can decide to get involved with the numerous Super Bowl XLII betting propositions.

The side and total Super Bowl  XLII betting line is usually pretty easy to understand but what about other options? You might want to bet the money line, or you might want to bet a proposition. What is a Super Bowl XLII betting proposition, or commonly known as a “prop?” A Super Bowl XLII betting prop bet is a wager on something that will happen during the game, or it could be a result that happens before the game, yet tied into the game. At some sportsbooks there are actually proposition bets that crossover sports. You might see points in an NBA game scored by a player versus completions by a quarterback, or goals in an NHL game versus turnovers in the Super Bowl XLII betting. Proposition wagering on the Super Bowl has grown in recent years and some sportsbooks have a hundred or more for you to choose from.

What about the money line? Super Bowl XLII betting on the money line is popular for people that want to take the underdog. People feel that if the dog is to cover, they will probably win. That has oftentimes been the case. Only 8 times in Super Bowl betting history has the pointspread come into play. The bettors that like the favorite are far less likely to bet the money line, preferring to lay the points instead. Super Bowl betting has seen more money bet on the favorite than the underdog. Usually the public bets the favorite in Super Bowl gambling. The public also usually bets the game to go over the total. A Super Bowl XLII betting line will always be shaded toward the favorite and the over.

Super Bowl XLII betting games are exciting, something every sportsbook looks forward to and something that nearly every Super Bowl XLII betting gambler in the world will probably do this season.

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