Super Bowl Wagering Risk

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting can be profitable but if you think it can be done without some work you would be mistaken.

There was a time many years ago when a sportsbook took a huge risk in Super bowl odds.

Super Bowl wagering today is in the billions of dollars but it wasn’t always that way.  The game has grown in popularity throughout the years with Super Bowl odds now the most bet odds during the year.  Normally sportsbooks have a little risk in Super Bowl wagering but there was a time when one sportsbook had a ton of risk. In 1992, the Coast hotels in Las Vegas offered two different lines for Super Bowl XXVI.  The consensus line on the game had Washington favored by 7 points over Buffalo.  Michael Gaughan, owner of the Barbary Coast and the Gold Coast offered Super Bowl odds that had the Redskins at -6.5 and the Bills at +7.5.  This Super Bowl wagering risk was huge for Gaughan because if the Redskins won by exactly 7 points he would get crushed. 

The positive for gamblers in Super Bowl wagering is that they could get the best possible number on the game.  The only difference was they had to lay 12-10 instead of 11-10 in Super Bowl wagering.  Reports had the Coast hotels handling about $10 million dollars on the game which was thought to be about 1/5th of Nevada’s total.  That was a huge amount of Super Bowl wagering money for one property back in 1992.  Gaughan survived his huge Super Bowl wagering gamble as the Redskins won 37-24.  The actual chances of the game landing exactly 7 in Super Bowl odds were small but when $10 million dollars is at stake, any risk is huge.

Super Bowl wagering this season will have a number of options on the board from online sportsbooks around the world.  Las Vegas many years ago used to take risks when it came to Super Bowl wagering but not anymore.  The big action and the best options for Super Bowl wagering are available at online sportsbooks. That is where you will find the best Super Bowl odds this year.

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