Super Bowl Propositions

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The most obvious way to bet Super Bowls is to bet the side or the total. The pointspread is easy to understand but when it comes to Super Bowl betting there are so many more options available. The options available for betting Super Bowls go far beyond any normal game. In addition to the pointspread, players can make wagers on the money line, quarters, and half time. Beyond those easy options there are the many Super Bowl propositions bets.

Super Bowl betting on propositions has really taken on a life of its own in recent seasons. It used to be that just a few places accepted Super Bowl proposition wagers but now it is nearly every sportsbook. When someone comes out with a good idea for a Super Bowl prop it is not long before everyone else starts to copy it and that is what happens. Sportsbooks really get a lot of great action on Super Bowl propositions.

It is normal to see hundreds of prop bets at sportsbooks all over the world for the Super Bowl. Some of the Super Bowl propositions are normal ones like passing yards for a quarterback or rushing yards for a running back, while others are very different. You might see TD’s vs. goals in hockey or you might see points by an NBA player vs. points scored by a particular Super Bowl team. The possibilities are superb.

In Super Bowl betting you have a lot of options to choose from, especially with propositions. If you like the traditional pointspread options then you have those to bet. If you have a desire to really bet propositions you may be able to find some really exciting ones. Propositions have become extremely popular and is actually one area where the professional gamblers will take some serious note for Super Bowl betting. Professionals rarely do much on the side or the total on the Super Bowl but if they see a proposition bet worth betting they will get involved.

Super Bowl betting propositions have become so popular at sportsbooks around the world that they have started to affect the bottom line for sportsbooks. The books get a lot of action and sometimes that action can have an effect on the total results for the Super Bowl in terms of money won and lost. Super Bowl propositions are definitely exciting and provide a great way for gamblers to have even more action against the Super Bowl betting line at sportsbooks around the world.

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