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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Super Bowl odds frequently involve teams that are meeting for the first time in a season, because Super Bowl betting naturally involves one AFC team and one NFC team.

Nevertheless, sometimes the Super Bowl odds will feature two teams that faced off against one another earlier in the regular season. Such a situation can be advantageous for Super bowl betting enthusiasts, but one should not wager on the Super Bowl odds assuming that the Super bowl  will have the same result as the teams’ previous matchup.

The Super bowl odds should be analyzed with as much background information as possible, just like the odds for all NFL matchups. Consequently, Super Bowl betting enthusiasts often feel as though it is easier to evaluate the Super Bowl odds when the game involves teams that have already faced off against each other, because bettors can use the previous game as a Super Bowl betting guide. This attitude is logical and there is no question that looking at two teams’ previous game will assist you in analyzing the Super Bowl odds. By looking at the past game one can evaluate how well each team performed in different parts of the game, such as running the football or putting pressure on the opposing quarterback. This type of information will undoubtedly be helpful as you attempt to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl while handicapping the Super Bowl odds.

Nevertheless, Super Bowl betting enthusiasts must also recognize the limitations surrounding any information gleaned from two teams’ previous matchup. Teams evolve throughout the season so a team’s performance in one game will not always be an accurate indicator of its performance in following games. As an example, the 2008 Super Bowl odds featured the Patriots as 12½ point favorites over the Giants, but the Patriots lost by three points despite beating the Giants by three points in the final game of the regular season. In fact, to understand how past matchups are not always similar to future matchups one merely needs to realize how often divisional rivals split the two games they play each season.

Additionally, handicappers analyzing the Super Bowl odds will not be the only people looking at two Super Bowl contenders’ past matchup, as the two teams will undoubtedly be viewing the game tape repeatedly. Each team will make adjustments in response to the previous game, so as you handicap the Super Bowl odds you must consider how capable each team’s coaching staff is at making adjustments. In other words, looking at two teams’ past game can assist you in handicapping the Super Bowl odds, but your analysis of the Super Bowl odds must be far more sophisticated than a simple prediction that the Super Bowl will be a repeat of the previous game.
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