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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting lines are also the most talked about each year

Super Bowl XLII has the New England Patriots as 12 point favorites over the New York Giants but should New England be favored by even more in Super Bowl odds?

Super Bowl odds have been bigger in the past.  The largest Super Bowl odds in history game in 1995 as the San Francisco 49ers were 18 point favorites in Super Bowl XXIX against the San Diego Chargers and won easily.  Should this year’s Patriots, who are 18-0, be favored by more than just 12 points in Super Bowl odds?  The Patriots have the best offense in NFL history as they scored 589 points and 75 touchdowns.  They are going up against a New York Giants team that didn’t even win their division and qualified as a Wild Card team. The Patriots were 13 point favorites when the two teams met in the final regular season game and that was at New York.  On a neutral field in Arizona that would add at least a field goal to that number in Super Bowl betting.  That would mean Super Bowl odds on New England should be at least 15 points.

New England scored an averaged of 36.8 points per game. What many bettors that look at Super Bowl odds might not know is that New England was fourth best in the NFL defensively, giving up only 17.1 points per game.

As you consider Super Bowl odds you see that the Patriots have the far better offense, a slightly better defense and a much better head coach in Bill Belichick.  Shouldn’t the Patriots be favored by even more in Super Bowl odds?

Looking back at Super Bowl odds and comparing this year’s Patriots with the 49ers who were 18 point favorites in their Super Bowl we see that New England has the better offense, the better quarterback, and the better defense.  With all of that the 49ers were an 18 point favorite and yet New England is only favored by 12 points in Super Bowl betting this season.  Is it possible that the Chargers team of 1994-95 was worse than this year’s Giants?  The answer is no.  The Chargers were slightly worse offensively than the Giants but they were better defensively.  Overall, the two teams had similar numbers.  So as you consider Super Bowl odds, shouldn’t the Patriots be an even bigger Super Bowl betting favorite than they are?

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