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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

The Super Bowl odds involve a unique game because it is virtually never played at either team’s home stadium.

As a result, neither team featured in the Super Bowl odds enjoys a typical home field advantage, which is a factor that Super bowl betting enthusiasts would consider in typical NFL matchups. Nevertheless, it is useful to consider how certain attributes of the Super Bowl’s location will impact each team’s ability to cover the Super bowl odds.

The Super Bowl  odds rarely involve a team playing at home because the Super Bowl venue is chosen many years before a Super Bowl is actually played. Consequently, there always exists a chance that one of the teams featured in the Super Bowl odds will be hosting the game, but this situation clearly is quite improbable. Super Bowl betting, therefore, differs from betting on virtually any other game, because in most other regular season and postseason games one of the teams is playing at home. The only other times when both teams essentially play on the road is when teams play international games in places like London and Toronto.

Because neither team featured in the Super Bowl odds enjoys home field advantage, many Super Bowl betting enthusiasts completely ignore this factor when handicapping the Super Bowl odds. However, this omission is unwise because the Super Bowl location will still impact each team’s Super Bowl betting value, even if neither team is playing at home. Such is the case because different teams perform better on certain types of fields, due to the teams’ various strengths and weaknesses. For example, some teams perform better in cold weather while other teams perform better in warm weather, so this factor must be considered as you analyze the Super Bowl odds if the game is being played outside. Similarly, some teams perform better on turf while other teams perform better on real grass. The field conditions can impact teams in various ways that must be recognized in your analysis of the Super Bowl odds. For instance, pass rushers often struggle on slippery fields while kickers are more successful when playing indoors without any wind.

Therefore, a team that depends on its pass rush may offer little value in the Super Bowl odds if the game is being played outdoors and poor weather is predicted, while a team that tends to kick lots of field goals may benefit from playing inside. These are just two examples of how the Super Bowl location can impact the value each team offers within the Super bowl odds, but they clearly illustrate that the game’s location is an important factor to consider as you analyze the Super Bowl odds.

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