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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds for Super Bowl XLIII are interesting to look at for many reasons, not the least of which is the two head coaches.

Super Bowl odds information tells us that Mike Tomlin leads the Pittsburgh Steelers while Ken Whisenhunt leads the Cardinals. Super Bowl betting odds favor the Steelers over the Cardinals by about a touchdown with a total of 46.5.

Super Bowl odds information shows that both Tomlin and Whisenhunt have some things in common. Super Bowl odds information tells us that Tomlin was not expected to get the Steelers head coaching job after Bill Cowher retired. That job was expected to go to Whisenhunt, or Russ Grimm who is also with Arizona. Owner Dan Rooney chose Tomlin over Whisenhunt and Grimm. After being bypassed by Rooney, Whisenhunt left for Arizona and Grimm later joined him. It looks like Rooney was right in his decision but Whisenhunt and Grimm proved he couldn’t go wrong had he hired them. People involved in the situation say there are no hard feelings between Whisenhunt and Rooney although the same cannot be said about Grimm and Rooney.

Will revenge play a part in this Super Bowl betting matchup? It is unlikely in Super Bowl odds, but familiarity might. Super Bowl betting gamblers know that Whisenhunt and Grimm are very familiar with the Steelers and they have already proven they can beat their former team as they did last year in Phoenix, winning 21-14.

Super Bowl odds favor the Steelers largely because of their #1 ranked defense. Super Bowl betting gamblers wonder whether Whisenhunt and Grimm have the answers to the Pittsburgh defense. Super Bowl odds info tells us that they have a good idea of what Pittsburgh will do defensively, perhaps a better idea than any other coaches in the NFL.

On the other side of the coin it is important in Super Bowl odds to remember that Whisenhunt coached Roethlisberger during that Super Bowl run a few years ago. Super Bowl odds info tells us that he knows what Pittsburgh is likely to do on offense. Will that knowledge be important in this Super Bowl odds matchup? That is the key question to answer as you look at the coaches in Super Bowl odds.

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