Super Bowl Halftime Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl halftime betting seems to be more popular every year

Did you know that almost 9 out of 10 people that bet Super Bowl odds are not professional gamblers?  The Super Bowl is usually the most watched television program of the entire year and is a huge public betting game.

Super Bowl halftime odds are definitely the most bet halftime odds of any game all season.  The sportsbooks knows that the public is definitely involved in Super Bowl halftime betting and that the public usually takes the favorite and the over.  That means the Super Bowl odds are shaded accordingly. As you get involved in Super Bowl halftime betting it is best to remember that if you like the favorite or the over to make your bet as soon as the line comes out. Remember that the public loves betting the favorite and betting the over and that applies to Super Bowl halftime odds as well.  If you like the underdog or the under you are much better off waiting until the last minute. Most of the money wagered on Super Bowl halftime odds is coming from the public, and if the public wins, the sportsbooks are not going to do well.  That applies to regular season action as well since the public is a major factor in NFL betting.

Most people bet the Super Bowl whether they are a professional gambler or not.  It is not just another game for many people; it is the biggest game of the year.  Here is something to consider as you bet Super Bowl halftime odds.
Super Bowl halftime betting is a bit different than regular game betting because you have the score to consider.  Depending upon the score the Super Bowl halftime line will be set at half of the closing line on the game. If the favorite happens to be trailing, which is rare; then the line will be higher.  That applies to the total as well in Super Bowl halftime betting. If it is a low scoring first half then expect the Super Bowl odds on the 2nd half to be higher and vice versa if it is a high scoring first half. Remember that in Super Bowl odds the sportsbook wants to balance the action as much as possible.  Keep that in mind as you bet Super Bowl halftime lines.

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