Super Bowl Betting Wagers at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting wagers are among the most popular type of sports betting wagers.

Many people believe that to be successful in Super Bowl betting they have to risk a lot of money and make a big wager. That is not necessarily true.

Super Bowl betting really should be just a small part of your overall football betting season. Successful football betting players makes a lot of conservative bets and builds a bankroll. The losing player is the one that makes a lot of large wagers, eventually losing the last one which is often on Super Bowl odds. There is no doubt that Super Bowl betting is a risk. But it is an acceptable risk if you get into it with the right mindset and with the right bankroll. If you are looking to bet $100 on Super Bowl odds then that is fine if your bankroll is $2000 or so. Remember that the professional bettor risks 5% or less of his entire bankroll and the true pros keep that number at 2% or less. That means a $1000 bankroll has wagers of $20 or less. That doesn’t sound like much and that is why many people won’t do it in Super Bowl betting. If you want to wager $100 per game, and that seems to be the figure most people think of, then you need a bankroll of $5,000 or more if you want to stay at that 2% figure for Super Bowl betting.

Losing is definitely a possibility in Super Bowl betting. If you want to get into Super Bowl betting seriously then you must have the proper bankroll to make wagers. You can’t go in recklessly and expect to always win. There really is no substitute for discipline in Super Bowl betting. If you want to increase your bankroll then you have to show patience and make conservative wagers and that applies to Super Bowl betting as well.

Discipline pays off in the long run for Super Bowl betting players that want to win money. It is a key trait of successful players and one that never can be underestimated. You want to be around after you bet Super Bowl odds. That means you can’t be everything on the game. You might double up but you might also go broke. Show some discipline as you look at Super Bowl odds this season and stay in the game.

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