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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

When we talk about Super Bowl betting trends and bet on NFL Super Bowl betting XLII online.

Sometimes we overlook them thinking that there really can’t be trends that apply to the Super Bowl betting XLII or any other. That is not really the case, as super bowl betting trends have done just as well you bet on the Super Bowl betting as in any other area of sports betting.

Here is one of the easiest Super bowl betting trends to remember when you bet on the Super Bowl. When taking a look at the 2007 Super bowl betting lines, pick the favorite. You are on the plus side if you took the favorite minus the points in every Super Bowl betting ever played. It is not a huge percentage, but the favorites have covered more than the dogs. You can throw the over right in there with the favorites.

We don’t have records that go back all the way to the first Super Bowl betting on totals, but since 1982 if you took the over in every Super Bowl betting you would be very pleased according to the Super bowl betting odds. These two trends may surprise you because it is well known that the public bets favorites and overs, particularly in the Super Bowl. That should tell you that for the most part the public has held their own in the big game when they bet on the Superbowl.

Most of the time when people bet on the Super Bowl betting they either lay the points or take the money line underdog. Usually the winner of the game also covers the spread, so most of the time if you are going to bet the dog, do so on the money line.

If you can spot Super Bowl betting trends on rushing statistics it is almost a sure winner for the Super Bowl. The team that has had the most rushing attempts has won well over 70% over the time. It makes sense that the team behind will be throwing the ball, so I don’t know if you can make the prediction of rushing attempts before the game is played, but it is still a trend worth thinking about before you bet the NFL Super Bowl betting  XLII Online or in any way.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s a trend that made no sense but worked was taking the NFC when a Republican President was sitting in office. That trend has not held water in the 2000’s however, as New England and Pittsburgh put that theory to shame.

As you bet on the Super Bowl betting remember that trends can be interesting to look at. Just as in the regular season you definitely want to consider them, but don’t base your entire handicapping upon them. Super Bowl betting XLII is just one game, all be it a huge game, and sometimes we get carried away by looking at too many things. I believe keeping it simple always works the best. Simplicity when you bet on the Super Bowl betting has been to take the favorite and the over. If you don’t like either of those bets presented to you in the 2007 Super bowl betting lines, then I suggest finding a good prop bet. At least that will keep you in action throughout the game, and your chances of winning might actually be better.

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