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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting propositions, or props as they are called, have gotten more popular every single year.

There is no doubt that the bulk of the Super Bowl betting money will be bet on the side and the total but props are definitely worth a look as they oftentimes offer excellent value.

Super Bowl betting props can refer to nearly anything.  They can start with the coin flip and continue with everything related to the game.  Super Bowl betting props are usually made by oddsmakers to entice more gamblers to bet the game.  What sometimes happens with these Super Bowl props is that gamblers move the line because they like one side or the other.  Most sportsbooks and gamblers remember one of the most popular Super Bowl betting props in history.  It was in Super Bowl XX when oddsmakers put up the prop of whether William “The Refrigerator” Perry would score a touchdown.  The sportsbooks got hammered on the “yes” side and lost a ton of money when Perry scored.  Rarely will you see sportsbooks take a risk like that on a popular Super Bowl betting prop; instead you will see hundreds of other props that are not as high profile.

Popular Super Bowl betting props are always whether a touchdown or a field goal will be scored first, total yards by the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs, interceptions thrown, fumbles lost, sacks, etc.  For example, a Super Bowl betting prop this year will be whether or not Randy Moss scores a touchdown for New England. He set an NFL record with 23 TD catches this season but had no touchdowns in the playoffs.  Which way will bettors go?

Another popular Super Bowl betting prop is the total number of field goals in the game.  With a total in the mid 50’s you can expect the field goal number to be 3.5 or so.  Another popular Super Bowl betting prop is whether or not either team will score three consecutive times.  This Super Bowl prop usually has the yes at -170 to -200.

Another popular Super Bowl betting prop that gets interest from the public is which player will score the first touchdown.  Last year it was Devin Hester and he had Super Bowl odds ranging anywhere from 10-1 up to 30-1 or more.  Gamblers like this prop because it offers a nice return for a small amount of money.

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