Super Bowl Betting on Totals at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting tends to focus on the point spread and the money line, but one can sometimes find the best Super Bowl betting value in the totals lines.

Many bettors favor wagering on the over in their Super Bowl betting, but one should always give serious consideration to Super bowl betting on the under. Also, wagering on the total can be particularly useful for fans who are especially interested in the game’s outright winner, because one’s biases will not impact one’s analysis of these Super Bowl odds.

Super bowl betting enthusiasts often prefer to wager on the over when they bet on the Super Bowl total. Such is the case because so many Super Bowl betting enthusiasts want to see an action-packed, high-scoring affair, as opposed to a defensive slugfest. Moreover, the Super bowl odds attract huge amounts of public action and the public generally tends to wager on the over. As a result, sometimes these Super Bowl odds will be inflated and one will find better Super Bowl betting value by wagering on the under. Additionally, one should remember the adage, “It takes defense to win championships.” Although this saying does not always hold true, most years the Super Bowl champion boasts one of the top handful of defenses in the league. Therefore, Super Bowls can sometimes end up with surprisingly low total scores, even if each team’s offense is also quite skilled.

Most Super Bowl betting enthusiasts want to wager on the Super Bowl odds for the sides or the money line, as bettors frequently want to support one team in the matchup. Super Bowl betting on the total obviously does not involve wagering on a single team, as one is simply interested in the total number of points that are scored. However, this aspect of Super Bowl betting on totals is actually an advantage for some handicappers. One problem with Super Bowl betting is that many bettors are very interested in the outright winner of the game, so bettors end up wagering based on their desired outcome for the game rather than the most probable outcome for the game.

All bettors face this challenge when wagering on their favorite teams, but the problem is exacerbated for the Super Bowl because many more bettors have an interest in the game’s winner. Therefore, bettors who feel as though they will be unable to handicap the Super Bowl betting spread objectively can wager on the totals. Regardless of which team one prefers to win a matchup, it is doubtful that this preference will influence one’s handicapping of the totals lines. As a result, one can place an intelligent wager on the over or under without worrying about whether it was consciously or unconsciously influenced by biases toward any team.

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