Super Bowl Betting MVP Choices

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting gives you a lot of choices including picking who you think will win the MVP award.

Quarterbacks win the award more often than not so they are likely to be the favorites in Super Bowl odds to win the MVP.

Super Bowl betting may favor quarterbacks to win the MVP but that doesn’t mean other players can’t win.  Last year it was wide receiver Santonio Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers winning the award in Super Bowl betting. In fact, wide receivers have won two of the last four MVPs in Super Bowl odds although quarterbacks did win the other two as Peyton Manning and Eli Manning won MVPs when the Colts and Giants won the Super Bowl.

Usually in Super Bowl betting the quarterbacks are going to get the most attention.  When their team wins, they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl MVP award.  There have been 43 previous Super Bowls and the quarterback has won the award in 22 of those games.  That does sound a little low but it is still over 50% in Super Bowl betting.

Super Bowl betting is a great time of the year with a lot of choices. The Super Bowl gets higher television ratings than any other sporting event in the United States. Since so many people are watching the game, the MVP award does get some attention in Super Bowl betting. The award is actually chosen by a panel of members of the media and the fans.  The media’s ballots count for 80 percent of the votes while the fans’ ballots count for 20 percent.

When you look at Super Bowl betting and the MVP award you can almost guarantee the winning team is going to have the MVP.  Only once in Super Bowl betting history has a losing player won the award and that was Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys.

Quarterbacks are going to have the lowest Super Bowl odds to win the MVP while running backs and wide receivers will be next. The running back position has won the award a total of seven times while a wide receiver has won it six times in Super Bowl odds. A defensive end has won the award two times in Super Bowl betting.  A linebacker has won it twice in Super Bowl betting; a safety has won it twice, a cornerback once, a defensive tackle once, and a kick/punt returner one time.

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