Super Bowl Betting Keys at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting is one of the most exciting times of the year.

As you consider Super Bowl XLII what will be the keys to picking the winner?  What matchups on the field will be critical to finding the winner in Super Bowl betting?

Super Bowl betting in terms of finding the winner may not be that difficult.  Let’s look at some of the keys that may help us.  The key for the Giants in the Super Bowl will be getting pressure on Tom Brady.  They only sacked him once in their regular season meeting and if they don’t get pressure on him they will not win the game.  The biggest key for New England will be to pressure the New York cornerbacks.  The secondary is a major concern for New York and they already proved in Week 17 that they can’t cover the New England receivers.  As you look at Super Bowl betting it really could be that simple.  If Brady gets time to throw the Patriots win Super Bowl XLII easily.

Many Super Bowl betting gamblers will want to look at other factors beyond Brady getting time to throw so let’s at least consider some of those.  The Giants’ offense has not turned the ball over in the postseason.  That is a surprise because they turned it over a lot during the regular season.  Will New York revert back to old form and will Eli Manning throw interceptions?  If he does, Super Bowl betting turns into a rout quickly.

What people may forget in Super Bowl betting is that it will take a lot of things going right to beat New England.  The Patriots didn’t go undefeated during the regular season by accident.  The Giants played in the weaker NFC, had a lot of things go their way in the playoffs and made it to the Super Bowl.  To beat a superior New England team in Super Bowl betting they will have to play perfect and that seems unlikely. 

Looking at Super Bowl betting you might want to consider taking the superior team. While it is true that the Giants led by 12 points in their earlier meeting, people forget that New England also led by 10 points late in the game.  Super Bowl betting gamblers may also forget that the Giants were at home, played with nothing to lose, and had a lot of things go right.  And they still lost.  Keep that in mind as you look at Super Bowl betting on Sunday.