Super Bowl Betting Favorites at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting starts by talking about the favorite and the over.

That is what the Super Bowl betting is all about. The Super Bowl betting public just can’t ever see the underdog winning. You would think that usually the public would be wrong in their assumptions about the Super Bowl betting favorite, but oftentimes they are not.

Of the  Super Bowl betting games the favorite and dog are actually quite close in Super Bowl betting numbers. Depending upon the closing number it varies a little bit but the consensus is that the favorites are 21-17 with three pushes.

The underdog has actually won the game outright 12 times, so the pointspread only came into play 8 times out of 41. If you picked the winner then you probably won your Super Bowl betting choice.
What was the biggest Super Bowl betting spread you ask? The largest point spread of any Super Bowl was Super Bowl betting XXIX where San Francisco was an 18 point favorite against San Diego. The 49ers won and covered easily against the Super Bowl betting pointspread 49-26. There is a little bit of question about a previous Super Bowl betting line though. Some people think Super Bowl betting III had a larger pointspread. The Colts opened as a 17 point favorite against the Jets and there were reports it was at a 20 point spread before the game. The problem with those reports is that it is more word of mouth than actual records like you see now on the computer. The story of that game was Joe Namath guaranteeing victory and delivering as the Jets upset Baltimore 16-7.

There have been other big Super Bowl betting favorites. Super Bowl I had the Packers a 17 point favorite against the Chiefs and Green Bay won easily 35-10. The Packers were 13 point favorites the next year against Oakland and covered again 33-14. Super Bowl betting IV had the Vikings a 10 point Super Bowl betting favorite against the Chiefs and Minnesota was destroyed in a huge upset 23-7. Super Bowl  betting XIV had the Pittsburgh Steelers an 11 point favorite against the Los Angeles Rams and they just barely covered the Super Bowl betting line 31-19.

The Bears were -11in Super Bowl  betting XX against the Patriots and won 46-10 in a laugher. Super Bowl XXIV saw the San Francisco 49ers a 12 point favorite against Denver and they won 55-10. Super Bowl betting XXVII had Dallas a 10.5 point favorite against Buffalo and the Cowboys won 30-13. The next four Super Bowls all had double-digit favorites with the 49ers, Cowboys and Packers twice all winning the games but only the 49ers covered the spread and the Packers lost outright as a big 12 point dog to the Broncos 31-24 in Super Bowl XXXII. The other double digit favorite was the St. Louis Rams who were 14 point favorites against the New England Patriots in Super

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