Super Bowl Betting Evolution

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting has evolved from something people didn’t give much thought to into a billion dollar bonanza.

In the 1970’s the Super Bowl was just another game and didn’t attract a great deal of betting interest.  It took until the 1980’s for gamblers to really get interested in Super Bowl betting and into the 1990’s when online sportsbooks came on the scene before Super Bowl betting really took off.

Super Bowl betting history shows that back in the 1970’s the handle on a Super Bowl was just a drop in the bucket.  Nevada, where sports betting is legal, had about $5 million in handle on Super Bowl XII in 1978.  That shows you just how far Superbowl betting has come. On Sunday, when the New England Patriots and New York Giants meet in Super Bowl XLII the amount of Super Bowl betting money in play will be staggering.  It is estimated that Nevada will take in more than $100 million in Superbowl betting and that is nothing compared to what online sportsbooks will take in.  Billions, yes Billions with a capital “B” will be taken in by online sportsbooks in Super Bowl betting. Nevada is nothing compared to online sportsbooks when it comes to sports betting or Superbowl betting.  Reputations though are tricky things and Nevada is still thought of as being big in sports betting when the reality is they are now very small.

Super Bowl betting should be exciting with New England trying to cap off a perfect season and a New York team involved in the game.  With popular quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning involved, many fans around the world will want to watch the game.  In addition to Superbowl betting money being wagered on New England and the New York Giants you also have Super Bowl betting money wagered on the hundreds of propositions.  There are props on nearly everything imaginable relating to the Super Bowl. Let’s not forget the Super Bowl betting money wagered in office pools either. 

Super Bowl betting has evolved from something people didn’t give much though to in the 1970’s to a multi billion dollar event.  With the increased technology available and the numerous betting options around the world, it is likely that Super Bowl betting will continue to increase every year.