Stafford’s Season is Over NFL Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds won’t have Detroit rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford making any more of an impact this season.

The Lions have shelved their future star quarterback so he can get knee surgery and get ready for next NFL betting odds season. NFL lines have definitely seen the Lions have more success this season when Stafford was under center.

NFL betting odds actually had Detroit winning with Stafford this season. The Lions were still bad but Stafford gave them hope in NFL lines. Next year could be even better for Detroit in NFL betting odds with Stafford. "You want to see some big strides made in the second year," offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said, "Obviously No. 1 is staying healthy. That’s got to be a big part of his progress, too, because it’s hard to really make that kind of progress when you’ve been banged up."

Stafford hurt his right knee in an NFL betting odds game against Chicago in early October. He played through it for a while but then separated his shoulder in the NFL lines contest against Cleveland. He came back into that NFL betting odds game and threw the game winning TD. He aggravated that injury at Cincinnati in early December in NFL betting odds and has not played since. "He was really banged up," Linehan said. "The fact that he was out there said a lot about him. He wanted to help this team any way he could. Once he got to where he was not being able to be effective, he had to come to the realization (he couldn’t play)."

Stafford does not need shoulder surgery but he does need knee surgery. "There’s no reason to wait," Stafford said. "I don’t think it’s going to be a big major thing at all." The surgery seems minor so Stafford should be fine for next NFL betting odds year. Stafford is expected to be at full strength when the team begins off-season conditioning in March. NFL betting odds stats show that Stafford started 10 games this season in NFL lines. His numbers were not that good as NFL betting odds showed, but with Detroit that is somewhat understandable. He completed 53.3% of his passes and threw for 2,267 yards as NFL betting odds stats show. He threw 13 TDs but did have 20 interceptions. "Won a couple, lost a bunch, and hopefully that changes," Stafford said. "But I definitely learned a lot and got to know a bunch of guys I didn’t really know coming into the season."