Situational NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting can be all about finding the right situations.

Some teams will be trying to win while others will just be looking at players. Evaluating the situations is a big key to winning versus the NFL preseason odds at the online sportsbook.

NFL preseason betting will give you some profitable situations, one of which involves winless teams. Most teams don’t want to have a winless preseason and since the last game of the preseason is nothing more than a farce, the third week of the preseason is when it all matters. One of the most successful situations in NFL preseason betting is when a team comes into the third week of the preseason having lost their first two games. Taking these winless teams in NFL preseason betting in Week 3 has you winning more than 60% of the time against the NFL preseason odds.

There are other situations that will be good for NFL preseason odds as well. You will find teams that will play their starters for a half or three quarters against a team playing their starters for only a quarter. This is a big edge in NFL preseason betting. You can use the Internet to research the games and find good information on the upcoming games. Sorting through the information on websites and newspapers is important as you get ready for NFL preseason odds. Some coaches will tell you exactly who is going to play and for how long while others will be a little more vague. You will get good situations though if you simply look for them.

NFL preseason betting is different than regular season NFL betting and the situations are different. Players are fighting for roster spots and veterans are trying not to get hurt. This is not the case in the regular season so keep that in mind. It is all about finding information that leads to winning situations. Unlike the regular season in NFL betting, NFL preseason betting at the online sportsbook can have you with an informational edge against the online sportsbook since new things are always popping up. In the regular season that is not the case as everything is already known. That is not the case with the preseason and it is why profitable situations will occur if you look for them.

Do the research and look for situations that are advantageous as you bet the NFL preseason.