Simple NFL Betting Strategies

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is not always profitable. Oftentimes betting the underdog and road teams is about as simple as it gets with football betting strategies.

NFL betting is popular on Sundays, Mondays, and the occasional Thursday and Saturday too. As we look at NFL betting on a weekly basis, what are some of the best NFL betting strategies we can use to make our football betting more profitable?

NFL betting will give you a lot of systems, trends, statistics, and matchups to look at. There is no strategy that will work for NFL betting every single time or every single season. There are some that may have a great week, a great month or perhaps even a great year, but none of them are going to work every single time or work every single season. There is one NFL betting strategy that has held its own though over the years. It should keep you out of trouble and should make you a profit over the long-term. It is also a very simple system. It is taking the underdogs.

That is about as simple as it gets. Since NFL betting is so popular we know that the public is going to be driving up the betting lines every week. One fact about NFL betting is that the public bets the favorites far more than the underdogs. The problem with favorites in NFL betting is that sometimes it is hard to determine which team is better, and there is also the matter of the points involved. If betting the favorite worked every time, then football betting players would win every week, but that does not happen. Betting the underdog and taking the points really works well in the NFL because of the public and because the NFL is competitive.

Another NFL betting strategy is to take the road team. Most of the time NFL bettors want to take the home team. It is just human nature to want to take the team playing at home in front of their fans. The oddsmaker almost always builds in a little bit of extra value for the person that wants to go against the home team. In reality, the football betting oddsmaker puts the line higher on the home team because he knows the public will want to bet them first. He does the same thing with the favorite, and with marquee teams. Now, if you get a home team that is also laying points and is a marquee team, you have extra value on the road team because they have a lot going for them.

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