Simple Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

You will find winning in football betting with the basics. Let’s take a look at a few of those simple Internet football betting methods.

Football betting does not have to be complicated. Sometimes the best methods for winning at Internet football betting are the simplest. Remember the KISS method? Keep it simple, stupid. It works in life and it also works in football betting.

Football betting methods that are simple oftentimes work very well. You will rarely win money at NFL football betting with complicated formulas and technical theories. First, don’t take poorly coached teams that beat themselves with turnovers and penalties. The NFL often comes down to these two factors and the teams that commit the most lose the most, and are drains on a football betting bankroll. Even if a team has good statistics otherwise, if they are low on the turnover margin ratio stats they are a ticking time bomb in football betting.

Second, regardless of what the media say, football is still a game that is won and lost in the trenches. Look for teams that can run the ball and stop the run as you get involved in Internet football betting. Year after year, the teams that are at the top of the offensive and defensive rushing statistics are also at the top of the NFL football betting profit margins. Teams that cannot control the line of scrimmage, the teams that cannot run or stop the run, are teams that are near the bottom of the NFL football betting profit standings and are teams that should be opposed.

Third, check teams that have a lot of controversy and strife going on, and avoid taking them and look for opportunities to oppose them in Internet football betting. Fourth, special teams are constantly overlooked in NFL football betting but they shouldn’t be. Just think of the countless games and football betting wagers that are decided on blocked kicks, field goals, and returns. You will find that the better coached teams, and the teams that gamblers consider “lucky” will all have great special teams. Conversely, “unlucky” teams will be those that continually surrender blocked kicks, long kick returns, and suffer from missed field goals.

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