Season NFL Betting Trends at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting trends are interesting to consider at all times, including during the preseason.

NFL betting during the preseason is the one time of the football year where bettors actually have an advantage over the books in terms of information. They can also use some preseason betting trends to increase that advantage when making football bets.

NFL betting trends for the preseason really start to develop in the second week. After week number one we have half of the teams that are winless, so that gives us our first preseason NFL betting trend. When two winless preseason teams meet, take the road team. This trend has hit at over 60% through the years in NFL betting. It is simple and easy to understand. Trend #2 is also simple. When you have a winless home team that is a dog, take them in preseason NFL betting. This trend doesn’t happen as often as the first one, but you are well rewarded when it does. It has come in over 70% of the time in NFL betting.

As we move into week #3 of the preseason we pick up some more trends when making football bets. The third game of the preseason is where most coaches play their starters a good portion of the game and treat it as a real game. Trend #3 says that good teams, (teams that were strong last season) do very well this week on the road against weaker teams. For example, if New England was to travel to Detroit in Week #3 then the Patriots would be the play. This trend has produced over 70% winners in NFL betting. The final week of the preseason is usually a mess when making football bets. You have to rely much more on information than anything else in NFL betting. Trends don’t apply much here because some teams take the week off and rest most of their starters, while a few might need to get in more work. You might want to at least glance at the home teams in the final week, as at least they might have some motivation to play well in front of their fans. Road teams just want to stay healthy and get back home.

Preseason NFL betting is the time where you get information before the sportsbook. It is a time of year when trends do very well in football bets. Make sure you take the time this preseason to do the research and take some of these NFL betting trends to guide you to a month full of winners.