Seahawks Win and Cover in OT in Broncos Super Bowl Rematch

March 2nd, 2020 NFL Football

This Sunday’s late game in the NFL was a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos 2-1 (1st AFC West) and the Seahawks. Seattle was favored by Las Vegas at -4.5 and won the game 26-20 in overtime.

The Broncos and QB Manning overcame a 2 touchdown deficit to tie the score 20-20 and bring about the Overtime, in which the Bronco’s never had a chance in OT to get the ball, as the Seahawks received the opening OT kickoff and Seattle’s QB Lynch let the team on an 80 yard drive on the 1st series of extra time that was topped by a touchdown run of 6 yards by no other than QB Lynch to win the game in OT.

This was the plan for the overtime period as QB Lynch desired to keep Broncos QB on the bench on the sideline as he wanted the Super Bowl rematch to go in the reigning Champion Seahawks favor.

Throughout the game the Broncos offense relinquished the ball to the Seahawks and they did not seem to have the energy left in their tanks to halt the Seahawks final overtime drive.

This rematch of last year’s Super Bowl turned out as it was billed and what fans expected back in February but never took place as the 43-8 blowout was changed as the Broncos 2-1 came back in this game from a 17-3 deficit in the 4th quarter by driving 80 yards against the best NFL defense and tie the score in the final minutes of regulation time.

In the end QB Wilson of Seattle outplayed Broncos QB Manning which came as a bit of surprise after being sacked for a safety and then throwing an interception in the final quarter of the game. But in OT he was incredible as he completed four of his six passes and ran for 21 yards, including his 6 yard touchdown run to win the game. That was surprising, as in most of the game QB Wilson was very hesitant about running the football.

Seattle’s QB Wilson for the game completed 24 of his 34 passes for 258 yards that included a 39 yard touchdown completion to Lockette and a 5 yard touchdown completion to Lynch and rushed for 40 yards with most of his carries coming in overtime. He had his 1st interception of the season in this game with the Broncos.

Denver’s QB Manning completed 31 of his 49 passes for 303 yards and 2 touchdowns and he had a very costly 4th quarter interception. QB Manning led the Broncos on their 80 yard drive to tie the game 20-20 with his 26 yard touchdown pass to WR Tamme and then with 18 seconds left in the game he passed for a conversion of 2 points to Thomas. This game was the just the second time since QB Manning has been with the Broncos that they were held scoreless in the 1st half of a game, and it was the sixth Super Bowl matchup in the NFL history books.

Next week the Seattle Seahawks 2-1 have a bye week and on Monday, October 6th they play at the Washington Redskins presently 1-2, while the Denver Broncos 2-1 also have a bye week and then on the 5th of October 2014 play the Arizona Cardinals who as of this date are 3-0! So for the Seattle and Denver fans who bet on NFL at a online sportsbook you have a week to recuperate and digest the upcoming betting odds for Week 5.

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