Seahawks Have Their Eyes on the Super Bowl

October 1st, 2019 NFL Football

As the 2016 season draws nearer to its finish, fans are starting to make up their minds about which two teams will be competing in the Super Bowl. From the NFC’s standpoint, it seems that either the Dallas Cowboys or the Seattle Seahawks will be competing in this year’s title contest. But from the AFC’s vantage point, the NFL gambling favorites from the start of the season; the New England Patriots shine above all other 15 teams as the ones destined to represent the conference in one of the biggest sports events of the year.

Seeing a pair of rookies lead their team to a Super Bowl finish would be unprecedented, but unlike the Cowboys, Pete Carroll’s Seahawks have already competed in two Super Bowls. Needless to say, Seattle knows what it takes to get the job done. Overall, online NFL betting fans feel that this year’s Super Bowl will be a rematch of the contest we saw 2 years ago; the New England Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

Luckily enough for Seattle fans, the Seahawks ended up upsetting the Patriots when they faced each other earlier this season. In that contest, Seattle ended up beating New England 31-24 and fans were quick to gloat about the Seahawks getting one over their Super Bowl rivals. But if both teams keep competing at the level they have been, it’s very likely that both New England and Seattle fans will get the rematch they’re looking for. However, there’s still plenty of football left in the season and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are next on the list for Seattle. Let’s see what the NFL betting spread has to say about this matchup.

NFL Odds – Week 12 – Sunday, November 27th

Seattle Seahawks -5½ (-115) 45 (-110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5½ (-105) 45 (-110)

Since the Seahawks are Super Bowl contenders and the Buccaneers are trying their hardest not to get eliminated from playoff contention, the online NFL betting odds are clearly going to favor the Seahawks. But even so, seeing a 5 ½ point spread doesn’t exactly rule out a Tampa Bay upset. So do the Buccaneers have a legitimate shot at upsetting one of the favorites to win the NFC?

Judging by how dangerous the Seahawks defense is, and how good their turnover ratio is, it’s seems very unlikely that the 5-5 Bucs will be successful in upsetting the Hawks. Seattle will be coming into this contest with a +6 turnover ratio, while Tampa Bay is struggling to keep their ratio above 0 (currently the Bucs have a +1 TO ratio). All in all, the Seahawks defense is just too good for Tampa Bay, and Seattle’s offense has too many weapons for the Bucs’ lowly defense to try and stop. This Sunday, fans can expect the Seahawks to live up to the expectations placed on them by the online NFL betting odds.

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