Seahawks Defeat Packers in Overtime to Win NFC

January 20, 2015 NFL Football

Seahawks player and Cardinals player running into each otherThis past Sunday, the 18th of January, 2015, we had the pleasure of watching the NFC Title game. The 12-4 Green Bay Packers lost this 2015 playoff game to the 12-4 Seattle Seahawks as Green Bay was stunned by the comeback efforts. Seattle kicked an onside kick and recovered the ball, then when on to score a TD, and a 2 point conversion to take the game to OT at 22-22, then won in overtime.

In the overtime poeriod, the Seahawks won the toss and took the drive down the field to score and according to play off rules they won the game with that TD 28-22. During most of the game the Seahawks were haunted by turnovers, as they trailed Green Bay 19-7 with 4 minutes left in the game, and in many cases were outplayed during most of the game, but to the surprise of all they stage a comeback rally built on the determination of their QB Wilson, and in the OT period hit receiver Kearse for a 35 yard TD to win the NFC Title for 2015.

After the game the final statistics appear much closer than most would believe, as the Seahawks had 20-1st downs on 70 plays for 397 total yards, with 203 passing on 15 of 30 attempts, and 194 rushing on 35 carries with 5 turnovers (1 fumble lost & 4 interceptions, while possessing the ball for 31:04 minutes of the game. On the other side the Packers had 19-1st downs on 65 plays for 306 total yards, with 171 passing yards on 19 of 34 attempts, and 135 rushing yards on 30 carries, with 2 interceptions, and possessed the ball for 32:15 minutes of the 60 minute game.

A comparison of the leading offensive players of the game are; Green Bay QB Rodgers completed 19 of his 34 passes for 178 yards with 1 TD, 2 interceptions and was sacked once for 7 yards. Seattle QB Wilson completed 14 of his 29 pass attempts for 209 yards, with 1 TD and 4 interceptions, and was sacked some 5 times for a total of 25 yards lost.

Green Bay RB’s Lacy & Starks combined for 26 carries for 117 yards with no touchdowns, while Seattle RB Lynch & QB Wilson combined for 32 carries for 182 yards with Lynch scoring 1 TD and Wilson scoring 1 TD.

Receivers for Green Bay Nelson & Cobb combined for 12 receptions for 133 yards with Cobb scoring 1 TD. For Seattle their receivers Baldwin & Kearse combined for 7 receptions for 141 yards with Kearse scoring 1 TD.

Besides the fact that Seahawks QB Wilson threw to WR Kearse some 5 times, and 4 of those 5 were intercepted, Wilson continued to throw his direction and the 6th pass was to Kearse in OT that he caught and ran 35 yards for the winning TD in OT.

So you football fans that bet on NFL football at SBG Global, many are calling it the colossal collapse of the Packers, with mistakes by the special teams, defensive errors, and some questionable calling of the plays together robbed the Packers of another Super Bowl berth that until the last 4 minutes of the game seem to be a certainty.

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