Running Back Injuries in Football Betting Online

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online always involves acknowledging the different injuries that may impact an online NFL betting match up.

Veterans of football betting online know that injuries are very common in the NFL, and running backs are injured especially frequently due to the physical nature of their position. Nevertheless, analysts of football betting online have differing opinions on the significance of such injuries to online NFL betting.

Football betting online must always take running backs into consideration. Running backs typically have dozens of touches during an online NFL betting match up and the best backs become superstars known for scoring lots of touchdowns. Fans of football betting online also know that some of the top running backs, such as LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson, are irreplaceable players who have become superstars due to their amazing talents. Consequently, many gamblers feel that if a team’s running back is injured then football betting online on the team should change dramatically. Basically, these gamblers argue that football betting online on a team without one of its top players is almost like football betting online on a completely different team.

Nevertheless, there are also many online NFL betting analysts who feel as though running backs are some of the most replaceable players in the league. There is no question that a team’s running game is hugely important for football betting online, but the running back only plays one part in a team’s running game. A good running game demands a powerful offensive line and an effective quarterback that does not allow defenses to crowd the box. Consequently, backup running backs are often able to fill in quite well for starters, meaning football betting online on a team without its starting rusher is not always a big deal. There are certainly top rushers, like Tomlinson and Peterson, who cannot be compared to backups, but most teams do not have running backs as effective as those two players. When considering how much of an impact a running back injury will have on a team’s football betting online, you obviously must consider the talents of the starting and back up running backs. Nevertheless, assuming that football betting online on the team will be hugely different is not always correct. Therefore, when you are analyzing the online NFL betting odds for a team that has lost a running back to injury you can usually predict that the offense will continue much as it had before.

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