Respect in Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl odds results can oftentimes be determined by respect. If a team feels disrespected in the Super Bowl they can oftentimes play above their head.

Look what happened in Super Bowl III when the New York Jets upset the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl betting. Or look back to last year when the New York Giants shocked the New England Patriots who were heavily favored in Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl odds this year show the Pittsburgh Steelers favored by a touchdown over the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals like to play the role of underdogs and they love it when they don’t get any respect. There is a bit of a difference though with this year’s Cardinals and past Super Bowl betting underdogs. The Cardinals have started to earn respect in recent weeks throughout the Super Bowl odds. Three straight upset wins in the playoffs has caused people to start giving them some credit and look at them in Super Bowl betting.

Before the NFC Championship game the Cardinals were getting very little respect in Super Bowl odds as most people expected a Philadelphia win. The respect angle used by the Cardinals will not be nearly as strong with Super Bowl odds as it was in the playoffs. That doesn’t mean everyone is picking Arizona though in Super Bowl odds. The Madden NFL 09 simulation game picked the Steelers to win but only by four points. The Cardinals will use any type of non-respect issue they can get. "Fine with me," nose tackle Bryan Robinson said. "We're going to hype it up like we're 20-point underdogs."

The reality though is that Super Bowl odds have Arizona as only a 7 point underdog. And the public has shown some interest in taking the points with Arizona as early estimates have them leaning to Arizona in Super Bowl betting by a 3-2 margin.

One group of people that are not buying into the no respect angle in Super Bowl odds are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Arizona coaches Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm are former Pittsburgh coaches and the Pittsburgh players have total respect for them and know what they can do.

Respect is always an issue for teams that Super Bowl odds feature. The Cardinals may feel somewhat slighted but they are a lot more respected now than they were a few weeks ago when it comes to Super Bowl odds.

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