Recap – New Englad Covers Against Philadelphia, Total Way Over

July 9th, 2020 NFL Football

In the NFL 2014 Preseason game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, QB Tom Brady of Patriots discussed his interception and offensive performance in the 42-35 Pats victory.

On the first series of the game, Brady was intercepted by the Eagles cornerback Williams and Brady attempted in vain diving at him as he went in for a TD for the Eagles.

After that, the turnovers became a plus for the Patriots as they scored on three of the four that Philadelphia committed in this preseason debut for Brady with the Patriots.

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick always has his team aggressively going after the ball as the forced turnovers can be game changing plays that they need to make that happen as often they can.

In this game, there were some six QB’s for the two teams and they all played well for both teams – there is depth at the QB position for both the Eagles and the Patriots. All six of those QB’s were able to throw at least one touchdown each. For the Patriots, it was Brady, rookie Garoppolo and Mallett; while for the Eagles it was Foles, Sanchez and Barkley.

The Patriots had two series on offense before Philadelphia had one, and the Patriots first series ended with Williams’ 77 yard interception of Brady for an Eagles TD, which Brady tried to prevent. In the second series for the Patriots, they scored on a 15 yard TD pass to Thompkins, which was the last series in the game for Brady He completed 8 of 10 passes for 81 yards and an interception in those 2 series.

After that, the Eagle starting giving up turnovers as Momah fumbled after catching a pass from Foles on their first offensive play. In the 3rd quarter, Momah fumbled again midway through the period. In the next series, Eagles QB Matt Barkley was intercepted by Ebner. Topping those mistakes was the missed FG by Henery of 47 yards. The team committed many penalties in their sloppy game performance after three days of joint training camp with New England.

The coaches of both teams can stay busy just reviewing the penalties in this game as the Patriots committed 11 for 83 yards, while the Eagles had 10 penalties for some 86 yards. That was after officials warned the teams in the week of the game that they would have an emphasis on penalizing those that had contact with receivers.

The new rules regarding coverage of receivers is going to be a challenge for all teams, as those are automatic first downs, and that’s a big advantage to teams in the league.

For the game the Patriots had 226 yards on the ground and some 245 passing yards for 476 total yards. The Eagles had a total offense of 413 yards with 324 passing and some 89 yards rushing. The Pats covered the spread as 2 point home favorites, and the total went way over the 46 1/2 point line that the NFL odds had indicated.

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