Real NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is one of the most exciting challenges in all of gambling.

Many people undertake the battle of NFL football betting every season.  There are people that make a living at NFL betting but they realize it is not always easy.

NFL betting for the professional gambler is about the long term. The professional gambler realizes that NFL betting is a low percentage grind and not a megabucks machine. The pros know that they are not going to get rich quick in NFL football betting and they treat it as a marathon rather than a sprint. With that realistic outlook comes a realistic plan of attack for NFL football betting. Beyond that, a realistic outlook and approach will lead to realistic handicapping methods as well as overall disciplined NFL betting.

When an NFL betting gambler knows that he will be having a good season if he hits 56% of his plays that tempers him from reckless wagering and keeps him in check; allowing him to survive the inevitable bad streaks and bad beats. By nature NFL betting can be a highly emotional roller coaster and that is exactly what you are trying to avoid, as emotionalism and gambling don’t mix. The professionals that get involved in NFL betting love to win and hate to lose, just like the next guy, but they temper themselves with, again, realism, as they know that when you get involved in NFL football betting, you are going to have bad breaks, bad beats, and tough days and that nobody is immune from it. Part of leaving your emotions in check when you get involved in NFL betting is to simply stick to a well thought out fundamental approach.  That approach means realizing that you are not going to win every game on the board during the NFL season.

A gambler cannot become emotional when he gets involved in NFL betting because he will trip into mistakes such as chasing losses and going on tilt, which only adds fuel to the fire.  You want to have your bankroll at the end of the season and that means remaining in control each week of the NFL season. If you want to win at NFL betting, then you need to get real and that means understanding that you are in it for the long haul.

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