Reading Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of fluctuation in the football odds from that opening number on Sunday to the closing NFL football odds at kickoff.

Football odds are the most popular to bet around the world. Reading college and NFL football odds is really pretty easy. The football odds are posted in a way so you can see the favorite and the underdog and the total on the games. Let’s take a look at how these odds get action.

Football odds begin with the opening line that you see on Sunday nights. The opening football odds are set based on what the oddsmakers perceive to be the public’s read on the teams in the matchup. What this means is that, contrary to what you hear or read in the media or on the street, the oddsmakers don’t always set the football odds hoping to get equal action. The oddsmakers are hoping that the public bets the wrong side in football odds. Sometimes the football odds will actually have the wrong team favored or they may favor a team by too much or not enough.

While some games may move a half a point and no more others may move a point or even two in football odds. That being said, there is less fluctuation on the NFL football odds than in college football odds.

Part of reading the football odds is recognizing what are known as “trap games.” Traps are set on games in which you look at the board and shake your head thinking the line is way off. Normally, when you see a trap, it is to get you to bet on the wrong side and it often makes sense to bet on the side that makes no sense. Rarely does everything make sense when you are wagering on NFL football odds. Sometimes the games that make the least sense are the biggest winners. As you read the football odds board this season be aware of the “easy” games and don’t be lulled into betting them. Rarely are there easy winners in football betting.

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