Reactive Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting is successful if you avoid the overreactions, if you can avoid the hype your chances of winning in football online betting will be greater.

Football betting is oftentimes more reactive than it should be. You must remember that the football online betting odds are oftentimes impacted far more than they should be by a team’s recent performance. Gamblers react to what happened last week more than anything else in football betting.

Football betting is greatly impacted by recent performance. You can take a team that was touted for great things and just a couple of losses later they are often written off and abandoned by the football betting masses. Conversely, a team that gets off to a hot start is the “bandwagon” team that the public gravitates to in football betting. What happens with both of these situations is that the value in football betting goes away. Anytime a team is getting a lot of publicity, either positive or negative, they are going to lose value in football betting.

There is no sport that gets more overreaction from the public than the NFL. Everyone reacts in football betting to what happened last week. If a team had a rotten performance the previous week they get less respect on the football betting line for the current week. On the other side of the coin, a team that had a great performance last week gets too much respect in football online betting.

This is all about how the public reacts to what they see in football online betting. What is sometimes forgotten is that teams playing well have a tough time duplicating a great effort and a team that played poorly wants to bounce back from a bad effort. This means that you can sometimes get bargains on the football betting line if you are willing to go against your immediate reactions. Nothing is as simple as it seems in football gambling so keep that in mind.

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