Ravens Hire Jim Zorn as QB Coach

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds had the Baltimore Ravens hiring Jim Zorn as their quarterbacks coach.

Zorn coached the Washington Redskins last season and even though the Redskins struggled against the NFL betting lines, Zorn was given a lot of credit for handling a tough situation.

NFL odds on the Ravens will have them as one of the contenders next NFL season.  Zorn will get to work with Joe Flacco and should help the young quarterback improve. "Jim played successfully in the league for a long time, and certainly understands what an NFL quarterback goes through," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said to a local paper, "He has been an NFL quarterback coach, NFL head coach and is familiar with our offense. That’s a great resume for us."

NFL betting lines indicate that Zorn takes over for Hue Jackson who went to the Raiders to become their offensive coordinator.  NFL betting lines show that Zorn suffered through a 4-12 season with Washington but how much blame he deserves is up for debate considering his play calling duties were taken away.  He really stood up well in a very difficult situation in Washington. "I’ve gotten to know Jim the last couple of years and I’m impressed with him as a person," Harbaugh said. "He’s a good, kind and decent man. He’s an exciting addition to our staff."

Some people who look at NFL odds may wonder why Zorn is such a good hire but NFL insiders know just how good he can be with quarterbacks.  There is also no question that Zorn got a ton of respect around the league for the way he handled the situation in Washington. Many people would have just quit as head coach after being stripped of play calling duties but Zorn handled himself with great class. NFL odds info indicates that instead of being looked at as a failure in Washington, Zorn actually is given a lot of credit around the league and it did not take long for Baltimore to snatch him up.

The Ravens were 9-7 this past season and 8-7-1 against the NFL odds. The Ravens offense was 13th in the league as NFL odds stats showed but in passing yards they were just 18th.  It is expected that Zorn can improve that number next NFL odds season.  Baltimore plays in a tough division but they are a talented team that can impact NFL betting lines on a regular basis.

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