Raiders Remain Betting on NFL Enigma this Season

Raiders Remain Betting on NFL Enigma this Season

June 21st, 2019 NFL Football, Online Gambling

At the beginning of last year Jon Gruden arrived at Oakland with great fanfare. “Chucky” was the most coveted coaching candidate for the past several years.  His return to the Raiders sparked considerable betting on NFL action.  Extending that hope was the fact that Gruden turned the franchise around in his first stint as coach.  Fantasy turned into an ugly reality for Gruden, fans and many gamblers.  Oakland’s roster proved completely inadequate to the task.  A final straight up record of 4-12 exposed team and coach.  Yet there are still true believes that see the Raiders as a potential sleeper.

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Date and Time:  Season Opens Monday, September 9, 2019

Raiders Futures odds at SBG:  Raiders +4050 to win Super Bowl, +2850 to win AFC Championship


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2018 Raiders Review

Oakland paid out in only six out of 16 games.  And just six of their games went over the betting on NFL total.  Gruden had not developed any noticeable strengths.  Offensively the Raiders finished 23rd for total offense and 28th for scoring.  In the same way the defense ranked 26th overall and dead last for points allowed.

Enter Mayock

Following the catastrophic first season under Gruden the Raiders changed front office leadership.  Mike Mayock was hired as general manager.  Mayock is best known as an NFL television analyst.  To his credit he did play in nine NFL games in the early 1980’s.  While Mayock impressed fans with his blather on TV others question his depth.  Running an NFL team requires a level of knowledge that few can imagine.  Correlate stories coming out of Oakland from scouts commenting on Mayock’s ignorance.  Game film sessions often rendered the new GM dumbfounded.  The insecure Mayock fired all scouts before the Draft.

Gruden’s Reality

Now for a younger generation of fans Jon Gruden is best known as a TV analyst.  He was a star on Monday Night Football.  Gruden was long celebrated as a game film junkie.  Additionally, he has a very healthy ego.  Correspondingly the 2018 online gambling results showed that Gruden is no magician.  For over a decade he was coveted and touted as a potential savior for struggling teams.  For this reason, last year demonstrated his limitations as a head coach.  Gruden is more comfortable with Mayock and will work with him to build up the roster.

Final Year in Oakland

Fashion that the Raiders will move to Las Vegas next year.  Cause by that is the possibility of another painful season of rebuilding.  Oakland has been quite active on the free agent market.  Consider that 14 free agents have been signed this far.  The arrival of wide receiver Antonio Brown in a trade with Pittsburgh highlighted the offseason.  But questions remain as to who will get Brown the ball.

Hard Knocks

Supplementing Gruden and Mayock’s TV star reputations is HBO’s Hard Knocks.  The reality TV show will take fans inside the Raiders training camp for 2019.

Matchup to Watch

In this situation the Raiders have a revolving door roster.  Those players that stayed are questionable Betting on NFL assets.  Kansas City tops the charts in the AFC West.  Counter to that is a Raiders team with questions.

Oakland Raiders Betting on NFL Picks

On this occasion the Raiders final season in Oakland should be a long one.

Oakland Raiders Betting on NFL Pick:  Raiders to finish last in AFC West

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